Age group 9-13. 

Youth 15+

All compulsory subjects :



Basic elementary science -(home economics, geography, biology and physics)


Price: free *

About Survival economy. 

Consisting of the following: 

Junior elementary science 1Ebook

KS2 SATs revision 1Ebook

Literal and vocabulary skills 1Ebook

Revision and practice guide for kids 1Ebook

S-P Classics (2Ebooks)

S-P Classics 2nd edition (2Ebooks)

S-P Classics 3rd edition (2Ebooks)

14 Bonus wall map series.

Survival economy is a bunch of products (ebooks and wall maps) published under the theory of “survival” by living practices; this is also inclusive of products generated for the purpose of aiding minors to achieving success with basic subjects for minors between ages 6 and 13 years. 

// The products are published in digital format which may take a few processes to unzip the folder containing the files for access. 

Provided with ten different file formats for each ebook, the products can be accessible by the usage of mobile devices or gadgets such as personal computers and electronic tablets. 

Download the books free.

Watch a demonstration on how to access the zipped folder.

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