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I'm looking for a generator repairer , who lives around ikurodu area, my generator has fault , I need an urgent response .
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  • Tobesima

    3 years ago

    We are Oatech global ventures, a company well known in IKORODU ,deal with generators repairs. We give quick delivery at any time you want our service .we have an expert that have years of experience in generator. He read mechanical engineering couple with practical part of it.

  • Nurudeenalao

    3 years ago

    Good day.
    i am very good at my job and will do a neat job for you. And i am based in ikorodu. I can repair the generator whenever you are ready.

  • Izahnelson13

    3 years ago

    hello, what kind of gen do you want me to fix and what's wrong with you.

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