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I need a cleaner
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  • Mikey

    1 year ago

    I seriously need a job

  • Ndiyke

    1 year ago

  • Donald Dumebi

    1 year ago

    Greetings young lady, it appears to me that your need for cleanliness is of utmost priority. Having considered the situation of things in our beloved country, it would be fair if this task is given to a trust-worthy, available individual. That would be me. Thank you for favorably considering this proposal.
    Just in case you've made up your mind, here's a number you can call.
    Contact No.:(09072469154)

  • Hungerslicer

    1 year ago

    Good evening, please I would like to apply for the cleaning services as advertised. I have worked with round edge cleaning services. Please let me clean for you. Thank you very much.

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