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I need a caterer to cook for my baby naming ceremony. I have some ingredients. You will the remaining ingredients
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  • Jahsmine

    3 years ago

    Cooking is what I know doing best ,a try we convinced u,
    Many years experience.

  • Jemfit

    3 years ago

    Your meal is going to be just the way you want it and we shall prepare it anywhere and anyhow you want it(to your own taste). Provided your foodstuffs are available. We don't disappoint our customers.

  • Hungerslicer

    3 years ago

    Hello ma, congratulations on your delivery. Hungerslicer is a registered company and we have worked and delivered quality service to our customers. We will be glad if you choose us to cater for your child's dedication as this is our area of specialty. I promise to deliver quality food. Thank k you.

  • Shola

    3 years ago

    I am a very good caterer. I cook all types of food.

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