About JobTaska

About us

In our era, the Internet is vital to the ever-growing need to connect individuals and businesses for easy access to information and services, hence, it is our core focus at JobTaska to provide an online platform where individuals and businesses with service needs are connected with top experienced service providers who offer various services to our diverse clientele base.

Founded in 2017, by Jasper Ogbonna and Samson Adewole; JobTaska includes a team of technology and business experts who share a common passion for helping peoples and businesses bring their needs to life by connecting them with service providers to render their services.

From the demands of a large business to individual users, our workforce is dedicated to making sure that our platform is tailored to meet these challenges and creates an atmosphere for flexible life/work integration. We not only love that you can hire experts or be hired on our platform with one click, but believe that we have a responsibility to significantly make life better and easier for our clientele by providing the best customer-focused service in all we do.

Our Story

It started out just like any other day, over a game of snooker, where two guys with different ideas on how technology can be used to connect and improve the lifestyle of individuals and businesses, fused their idea together to create JobTaska.com

Our Mission

To significantly ease everyone lifestyle within our sphere of influence

Our Vision

We envision a world where we use technology to provide seamless e-service delivery to everyone.

Core Values

Simplicity, Technology & Continuous innovation

Our Tagline

Get more done at ease.

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